Commission FAQ by angeltf

Hey! So, I thought I'd make this journal in response to some things I've
been asked a few times before in regards to commissions, as well as
some things I feel I should point out in advance.

The most important, (I think anyway) What will you draw/Won't you Draw?

Honestly, this kind of thing is definitely more of what I won't draw, as I'm open to trying a lot of things. Things I will not draw for certain include: Scat, Gore/Snuff, Hard Vore, Vomit/Throw-up/etc, Excessive Hyper(Ask me about this if your commission might involve this!), Foodplay, General "Unclean" Kinks(Things like stinking, smegma, etc. Again, ask about this one if your commission may involve the subject.), & TF/TG(Transformations and/or Unnatural/Supernatural Gender Transformations).

Humans are also something I will not draw on commission, but they're a temporary case.

What am I Allowed to do with the Commission I Ordered?

If you wish to make edits/colorations to your commission, please ask me first! I will almost always say yes, but you never know... I must also ask that you do not use them for commercial purposes, unless you are ordering specifically for a commercial project. Otherwise, do as you like! As long as you credit me where necessary, I don't mind what you do with your commission!

How good are you at Drawing [blank]?

I'll never know if I don't try! While I primarily draw Pokemon, I still haven't drawn all 802 of
them. Though, in all cases, Pokemon or not, if you'd rather get your
idea from someone with more experience, I totally understand! I'd hate
to create something that wasn't worth your money.

I can't pay the Invoice you sent, what is Going to Happen?

In the event that you cannot pay for the order when it's time to do so,
let me know ASAP & why! If you don't say anything, I can only assume
what happened! If you don't tell me anything on it within a week or so,
or let me know ahead of time if you might not be able to, then I will
simply move onto whoever's been waiting.

I want my Commission Styled like [this image]!

Tell me! By default, I will cell-shade all commission orders unless I am
told otherwise. Though, in some cases, it may bump up the price a
little... Ask me & we can discuss it!

Your Price Listing says "5 Slots at a time," but you Already have 5 Filled on Discounts!

The 5 slot limit is mostly only applicable to regular commission work.
If I have discounts going on when you place your order, the slots are
usually unlimited unless otherwise specified. However, once the sale
period has ended, I will not take anymore commissions until I finish
every slot (Or reduce the queue to a small number.)

Can I Order art of your Characters (With Mine?)

I don't necessarily mind if you want to get art of/with my characters, but I will ask kindly: Nothing NSFW, please. As
much as I have drawn NSFW by now, & even gotten NSFW of said
characters, it's actually really strange & weird for me to do it
myself. Please respect my decision on this matter & keep it PG-13!

I want to Order Something, but I don't want it to be Posted.

Unfortunately, I do want to post everything that's ordered of me so that
people can know what to expect; In a way my gallery is a portfolio of
sorts. However, if you wish to remain anonymous,
I will make no mention of you or anybody involved in the commission.
Just let me know when you are ordering, or while it is being

I want to Upgrade an old Commission I got!

That is perfectly fine! However, if your order was during a discount time, you will still have to pay for the upgrade as if it were regular-price.

Can I have the Image files of my Commission? (.psd, .xcf, etc)

Yes! If you wish to have access to these raw files, I do not mind
sending them. While I don't send them by default, I have no problems
doing so if you ask for them.

If you have any questions, or things you want more clarification on,
feel free to leave a reply here or contact me!

Commission FAQ


16 May 2018 at 21:13:52 MDT

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