May 2018 Update by RebbyRebReb

Hey everyone!

Sorry about being so late with the update. My mental health hasn’t been great lately, and it’s been harder and harder for me to get anything done other than play Guild Wars and sleep. Without further ado, I’ll just get into the updates.

What’s New?:

Patreon: My patreon is changed. It used to be that you would make a pledge or support donation, and I would give you a piece of artwork depending on your level of patronage. Sadly, I’m not able to keep up with that. I’m looking for another day job, and I’m unable to keep up. So, instead of pushing back patreon rewards and commissions, I have decided 2 things.

1.) My patreon pledges, no matter how big or small, will let you have first look at everything I sell. This includes YCHes (your character here auctions), Opened commissions, Flash Sales, etc.

2.) The more you donate to the patreon, no matter how long (even for one month), you are able to get a sizable discount off my new prices for commissions.

I am hoping that I will be able to get commissions out way more quickly, and I’ll be able to get the commission open atleast every other month. Currently my commissions are first come first serve, where I still get the option if I want to do them or not.

What’s going on with streams?: So, hi. I’m sorry I haven’t streamed in a month. It’s been very very hard for me the last couple of weeks- I’ve been going and getting help, but I’m still having issues getting back on my feet. I want to stream but I’m unable to post when I will be able to stream. It’s better to leave it to the wind, and see what sails. So. If you aren’t, I highly HIGHLY suggest being part of the Community From the Drafting Table discord. The invite is permanently linked in the hyperlinks down below.

Commission Prices: They have changed, but because my commissions aren’t open at the moment, I will talk about them when they are. I raised them just a little bit to give myself a little more per hour (instead of 2 bucks, 4 bucks an hour, maybe?). So watch this space for that news.

Things I want to work on this month: In a perfect world, I would be opening commissions in June, but I don’t know how fast I will be able to open them up. So here’s what I would like to work on.

-I want to make a formal form for my commissions and terms of service. I’m hoping to start working on this very very soon, and will be discussing it on the discord if you want to give your input.
-I’m hoping to get atleast one YCH auction out this month as well. It’s important to me, I feel like, to have these yches out, because they give someone a chance to jump the line. I want to learn also how to do YCHes better. So I’ll be working on streamlining the YCH process so I can make it fair, affordable, and give everyone a chance at it.
-making thumbnails for my NSFW works across my social and art sites, as well as updating the banner at the top. I know that coming in and just seeing nsfw stuff can be jarring, so I’ll be fixing that, and then trying to push back my nsfw to a private upload site like Imgur, to make it harder to find.

Ok all. I think that’s it. Thanks all for your support!

Commission List as of 14/05/18
Commissions: Closed | Trades: Closed | Requests: Closed
1.) Kane: [x] sketch [ ] lines [ ] colour [ ] final checks
2.) Fluff: [ ] sketch [ ] lines [ ] colour [ ] final checks
3.) Lain: [ ] sketch [ ] lines [ ] colour [ ] final checks

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May 2018 Update


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