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Updates by Aiko-Red-Panda23

It's been awhile since I posted here. I almost forgot that I made this account. But things hasn't been going to well at home. More fights went on here last night in awhile. And I just found out, my dad is making me sick. I woke up today feeling like my head is going to explode into a million pieces, and I had a bad ache in my stomach. I almost fell in the shower and when I went back to my room. My mother told me to lay back down. So I didn't go to school today. This is great... more reasons to hate him. And please before you go and say you shouldn't hate your father and all that kind of stuff.... you don't know my father.. well.. me either but still.. ugh! Imma go take some Tylenol and ibuprofen and hopefully it helps out.

I'm working on a new reference sheet for Aiko! I added bat wings to her since she has that bat symbol on her lower half, and why wouldn't bat wings fit! She's a Vampire Wild Cat! I'll upload it soon! Promise! Plus I need to upload a picture I made for my love! Imma finally go! Byebye!



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