BLFC Time! by Skulldog

Woah it's getting close, it's time for BLFC

I'll be in the dealer's den, at table 125, which you can reach by just going straight forward once you enter the main dealer hall.

The usual set up, badges run from $15 to $50.

Pencil sketches will be $30+.

I always recommend showing up early as I tend to run out of space for badges very quickly. All commissions are finished at con, with the exception of hypno eyes badges, which will be take home, due to size. I will only be taking 2-3 of those home.

Other things:

Some new matted prints, new stickers and enamel pins will all be for sale. I'll have some comic work in printed for as well, finally got stock replaced in time for the con.

Bunch of new acrylics, as well as some smaller watercolors. You can check a few originals going up for sale:

Pin Trading Panel!
Friday at 8pm I'll be helping host an artist pin trading panel, be sure to bring your pins, or snag a few in the dealer's den Friday morning, you might find something up for trade you really like! (I'll also have a few designs I'm no longer selling for trade as well...)

BLFC Time!


7 May 2018 at 18:08:50 MDT

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