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Update - Patreon Haul, All-New Content! / Queue // by TwilightSaint


Hey, y'all! Been a hot minute since I've posted a proper Journal Update that's not a Commission Round, hehe! A lot has happened between now & my last update, so there's going to be quite a bit of meaty info in here. I've broken it down into Bullet-Points, so if there's something you're specifically interested in, just scroll down!

-Patreon Overhaul / WIPs, Monthly Article, Song Requests, Art 'In The Wild,' Tutorials, & More
-Current Queue Outlook - General Life Updates
-Upcoming Commission Openings - Twitter & FaceBook
-Convention Appearances - BLFC & Anthrocon

-Patreon Overhaul / WIPs, Monthly Article, Song Requests, Art 'In The Wild,' Tutorials, & More

Okay! cracks knuckles I recently went through and updated a LOT of my Patreon tiers and included a lot more content and options if folks are interested! This is going to be the beefiest part of this update, so I'll break it down even further.

For $1 pledges, it's like a flight of beer - a little bit of everything I have to offer! For just $1/month, you can access:

*Monthly Article

-A monthly write-up where I'll cover a variety of topics. I'll discuss subjects such as art - upcoming projects, insights into my working process, discussion on experimental styles & pieces, character portrayal (such as a prompt vs. full artistic liberty and how I approach those pieces,) backgrounds and special effects, inspiration, etc

-I will also cover fursuiting. Character portrayal and acting, fursuiting at a convention versus 'in the wild,' developing dance styles for different characters, thoughts on different music genres, creating dance mixes. Including 'reviews' on different fursuit types and by different makers whose fursuits I own, (all good stuff!) What I like about particular makers, aspects such as vision, ventilation, digitigrade padding styles.

-Insights into new (and some old) characters I have that I haven't yet posted to the public. My thoughts on developing their personalities, backstories, connecting new characters to existing backstories, etc. Also sneak-peaks into fursuits currently being made, fursuits I haven't posted to the public yet, & more about my 'Squadron' and my 'Pod' of critters running around in my headworld.

-Digital & Traditional work-in-progress shots, from the nitty-gritty, super rough sketches, to finished Lineart & finished backgrounds. Also 'Feral artwork' that I do 'in the wild' in my pocket sketchbook.

*Commission Opening Heads-Ups
Patrons will be the first to know of upcoming Commission Openings. Posts the day prior, and just before I open my queue.

& Exclusive access to my Patron-only Telegram chat! <3

But wait, there's more!

$2/month Patrons have access to full-resolution pieces! Yep, those big, fully-detailed pieces in all of their thousands-of-pix-wide glory, hehe! And also song requests for my dance videos!
$3/month is access to fursuit photoshoots & videos before I post them public.
$5/month mini dance tutorials. Patrons can request a certain moveset or style which I'll demo in a video!

I also have new art-specific and dance-specific options as well! At different tiers, folks can get redlines, or even a full customized artwork tutorial and inspiration page which covers composition, lightning, & anatomy details.

Different tiers also have the option of having personalized dance tutorials created! Essentially a miniaturized, portable dance class, these can cover any and all topics - you decide! Down the the style, song, artist, and fursuit performed in.

So LOTS of options! If any of these tickle your fancy, consider supporting me today! <3 I appreciate it all from the base of my feathers & scales!

I gotta admit - I'm particularly excited to start working on my monthly articles! Artwork, fursuiting, and character development are all things I think about a lot already, and having a dedicated place and time to post a thoughtful article is exciting for me! I may post small snippets, (a paragraph or so,) in my Journals here if enough folks are just curious what they're about, (Patrons will still have access to the entirety of the article.)

And also, for folks who are not Patrons, DO NOT WORRY. With my Patreon, I am not limiting or otherwise restricting the content I already post! You'll continue to see consistent content & updates from me, both on my main art sites and my social media as well! With my Patreon, I'm only opening up some doors for folks to see some extras and what's going on behind the scenes, and also have the option to have custom content and early access to some spiffy projects. <3

-Current Queue Outlook - General Life Updates

Y'all may have noticed that I went a bit MIA for several weeks in the time-frame of roughly a month ago. Long story short, I achieved my final qualification for my position in the Squadron! In a nutshell, I'm basically a 'fully-fledged' operational aviator and in a position of more leadership for our missions. Of course, the learning never stops! This is definitely the opening of many more doors for me, within my community and beyond. Things are looking up!

Thus, as you can imagine, I was in the books putting in some long hours, all day, every day. But it was worth it! Happenstance, I completed my check flight right before I peeled out of town for FWA, so FWA wasn't only awesome from a convention standpoint, but a welcome celebration as well! More on FWA in a bit. :>

As a result of all the prepping I'd been doing, my last queue was wrapped up just a bit slower than I had initially planned, but I got it completed nonetheless and was able to open up for another - my current - queue right before FWA as well!

Folks in this current queue from the Lightning Round, your estimated wait time of 1-2 months is still holding! If anything comes up where I anticipate a delay, I will notify you.

And I'm happy to announce that that current queue is underway and going well! All pieces are prepped and I have my teeth sunk deep into several of them already. Of course, as I can get the finished pieces to y'all as early as I can, I will do so! I've been liking maintaining my current op-tempo of a large piece following my #FursuitFriday dances, with one or two pieces interspersed throughout the week, i.e; keeping posts staggered rather than one after another. Posting too much? Posting too little? Note me what ya think! I'm always open to feedback.

-Upcoming Commission Openings - Twitter & FaceBook

It's a bit premature to be putting out information for upcoming Commission Openings, so I won't be saying anything set in stone yet! But as my current queue dwindles to the last couple of pieces, I'll be posting updates on Twitter regarding the pieces I'm thinking about the the time-frame when I'll be opening next.

(Aaaand, if you're on Patreon, you get early-access and a day-prior and minutes-prior notice to Commission Openings!)

I've been really enjoying cranking out these Realistic Shaded, Full-Body shots lately, and I don't plan on changing that much! I prefer to keep a handful of these large pieces in my queue as I just really love working on them, and thanks to y'all, I've had the opportunity to work on some epic characters and prompts!

That being said, it's been a while since I've opened for other pieces, so keep an eye out! I keep threatening to open for Icons again one of these days, hehe.

Something I HAVE done a couple times is open for Commissions...outside of FurAffinity! Namely on my social media sites. I recently held openings for Full-Body shots & Busts on Twitter and FaceBook, and the slots went quick! I'm definitely game on opening up opportunities for slots and different pieces on these outside sites, so if you're keen on a smaller type of piece, (Busts, Sketches, Icons, etc,) Twitter and FaceBook are good spots to watch!



A note on my FaceBook - my ART PAGE is my primary source for content & updates, not my profile! While I will be maintaining my profile page with content, I am migrating most of my activity to my ART PAGE, as well as beefing it up with more information.

-Convention Appearances - BLFC & Anthrocon

Before I touch on upcoming conventions, I'd be remiss not to mention some prior ones I've attended, namely Vancoufur & FWA!

Vancoufur was a fun little convention! I was lucky enough to catch it while visiting with some pals, and we ventured up there together. For a small con, there was good activity! It was also conveniently located in a really cool part of VC which was a lot of fun to explore. Got to hang with friends, meet new pals, and eat some fantastic food. It was a very relaxed, chill atmosphere.

FWA, of course, fantastic! Probably the best FWA I've attended to date. The events were a lot of fun - I'm still so happy I made it into the Dance Competition as Raze, yeeee! The energy was just so immense! The Artist Alley and Dealers Den were wonderful as always, and got to seem some folks I haven't seen for quite some time since I'd missed last year's FWA to deployment! It was great to catch up and give lots of hugs.

Outlookin,' I'm hoping to attend this upcoming BLFC! I've never been, and I've always heard only great things about it. Some folks have even told me it's the most fun convention they've gone to! Fingers crossed I get that leave approved and can scoot over there. If I can attend, (and there is a very high chance - just waiting on the admin stuff!) I'll be bringing Sniper and Raze, poooossibly a third critter, though unlikely since, again, I've never been, and I think it'd be easier and more fun to check out and enjoy the convention space rather than worry about who else I'll be packing with me.

Aaaaand of course, Anthrocon! I'm definitely planning on AC this year, and am so excited! AC is still up there was one of my all-time favorite conventions. I love how big it is, I love how wide open the spaces are, (I can...literally just sprint around and fursuit everywhere and not worry about whacking somebody, haha,) aaaaaand, I might end up bringing my Quadsuit there! ;D The open spaces would be perfect for running around, (...running? trotting? galloping?) as an actual feral dragon, bahaha.

So YAH! Lots of good stuff. Busy, as always, but a good busy.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Update - Patreon Haul, All-New Content! / Queue //



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    and Congratulations on the test flight!

    and awwww AC, the big one! Have a great time. My roomie is going, I wish!~