sculpted badge / portrait commissions open~ by coppercentipede

focusing on personal pieces with digital work for now but i'm taking a few slots for epoxy relief sculpted badges and portraits!
examples in this section:

detailed badges start at $45 for head only and $65 for busts (more for complex characters/details/backgrounds, additional parts, custom resin gems, etc)
portraits depend on the size/complexity but start similarly. i can do mini pieces or more simplistic ones as well and those will cost less than a full detailed piece

badges average 3.5" wide x 4" or 5" tall for busts but vary to suit your character, usually rectangular but can do other shapes. will be similar to examples shown, slightly off-model surreal/dreamy/nightmare interpretations of your character and can be themed or straight up artistic freedom. can do sculpted text, ransom note/collage text, or no text. lots of gem eyes to choose from, or can have hollow sockets. can cast small crystal clusters or sheets to break up and incorporate. also have a lot of screws and metal parts, but wouldn't recommend for badges since that can get too heavy. can get pretty experimental depending on what you're interested in! send a note if interested or with any questions~
down for monsters, creatures, furries, anthros, animals, aliens, unusual characters, and humanoids


i have a shop here with resin casts and original pieces:
and a ko-fi if you feel like throwing some pocket change to help:

sculpted badge / portrait commissions open~


27 April 2018 at 12:42:38 MDT

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