Feedback! by Taw

I know not many people are following me but I figure I'd post this anyways.

What are your thoughts on Weasyl thus far? What things do you like? What do you think could be improved?

Just figure I'd see what the general opinion is from my followers and such. c:



14 April 2013 at 22:04:10 MDT

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    Seems like a interesting place.

    I like the different submission categories.

    Have not explored much so not used to this place too see what could be better.

    So far it is different.

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    I really like it! It's smoother than FA, with nice features such as streaming alerts and art folders, as well as thumbnails implemented a lot better than on FA.

    On the improvement side, I'd like to see a stats page like FA has, just to see how well my submissions are doing. Some alternative skins would be nice too :3

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      Like a stats page that lists all your submissions and their pageviews, favourites, etc? I barely use that myself on FA. Maybe someday we'll look into adding that sort of thing, but I can't say for sure.

      As for alternative skins: We had discussed in the past having multiple themes for users to choose from. I don't believe we still plan to do that, but someday we may have more than one skin available. That's more of Aden's side of things since he does the HTML/CSS Wizardry.

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        Thanks for replying! You're indeed right on the stats page. I use it a lot on FA, keeping track of which submissions are doing well compared to others, etc.

        It's nice to have updates on how the site is going, thanks for your communication!

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    It's pretty dang awesome but there are a lot of things that need to be implemented, though I've no doubt they will be eventually.

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    People are abusing the submission icons worse than a torrenter on a RIM! ;_;

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      Not sure what you mean by abusing them - though there have been a lot of complaints about thumbnails and we are looking into some alternative solutions.

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        Zooming in a crapload and leaving out basically the whole picture.

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    The ability to conveniently post stream announcements would really help.

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      Like a quick on/off switch for your Stream somewhere, like on the header of the page?

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        That would be perfect. It took me several times posting submission stream links and journals before I realized you could actually make stream announcements. Even then, the setting isn't where you would typically think it should be and you also have to navigate through several screens, it seems, just to get to it. Having an editable stream announcement switch would make things a lot easier.