Still Alive Here by SBTW

Hey everyone. Sorry been inactive for a while now.
The reason for the is on 10th April, at 5:00 in the morning my computer (Imac Autumn 2011) has died due to the graphics card.
on 14 April went to the store with my brother to have it check, luckly they didn't ask for the receit cause it waaaay gone o.o
on the 19 or 21th got a call from the tech and she said that my computer was died due to the graphic card. So to put it short, seems
will be looking into a new computer or laptop (to save some room)

am considering Acer from a friend who recommand it but my dad mentions about getting Dell. Any ideas on which one?

So after that without going online here and there, seems i'm feeling bit more well let say, free or something. Been on the computer longer and maybe bit to much XD.

well art is well either postpone due to it and been playing some games recently, like Destiny 2, Overwatch and playing DOOM 2016 Multiplayer (also very lagging lol!)

so sorry if i haven't been replying to you guys in a while now but will try and see when May comes, cause there might be a sell coming or maybe soon

anyways that is all, using my young brothers old laptop a Sony VAIO i can hear the fans kicking in o3o

anyways see you all soon

Still Alive Here


22 April 2018 at 03:06:14 MDT

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