April 16th update by Vangabond

Hey it's been a little while since my last update which was on the 2nd of April which was my 20th birthday.

The only things I am going to say is that I now have an F-list and furiffic

And I have been somewhat debating on what is next for me because, I done just about everything I wanted to do writing wise , and art Wise.

Like I could write for others if I don't feel self conscious about my writing style which is more of a script to convey an idea.

A part of me wants to create a patreon and Kofi , but another part of me says no , but I haven't really made a decision about it.

I'm just thinking about a lot of things now, and I may change my mind about in the future.

[Unpopular opinion: I somewhat regret not getting birthday art from fuze but, he was not streaming Easter weekend , and didn't feel like I was obligated to get something from him, because i wanted him to do his own thing. ]

April 16th update


16 April 2018 at 18:26:38 MDT

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