Closing Down by immortaltom

(Originally posted on my patreon ( ) page but I feel the info is needed for everyone who want's to see my posts to continue.)
Got some more pages sketched for the re-visit of the old "B.E. Shampoo" comic.
However. . . And here's the big rub that is stressing me out so much I am having mini panic attacks. . .
My wife and I are desperately trying to find a new home. We can no longer afford the raising cost of our apartment and are being forced out in a little over a month. This means a couple things. I am packing up our belongings, going house hunting with a realtor almost every day, and not getting near as much art as I'd like to do done. In addition, this means I am going to have to be leaving the world for a while here and won't be able to do much in the way of updating arts as regularly as I'd like. (Or not at all if I don't have a place to live)
This is absolutely crushing me right now and as said before, I am having panic attacks thinking of how far behind on rewards and content posts I'll get when I have to move and possibly put my computer and other belongings in storage till we find a place. And I have no idea how long that can take.
I depend on the support you all provide here and can not express the pure elation to know so many of you are willing to help with your support and kind words. I ask, as humbly as I can, for your continued support as every dime is going to try to help get us a new home so I can rebuild a studio space and get to doing arts again as much as I can.
I fully understand if you need/want to pull your support soon till I can return in full force. I never want anyone to spend on me what they may need for themselves to live. Nor do I want anyone to feel ripped off by lack of content postings and exclusives while I am away.
NOW! That being said, I am going to try to pack a few things, get some more sketching layouts for the comic doodled and continue to push to the end as best I can.

Closing Down


16 April 2018 at 10:03:56 MDT

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