Give Me Weird Hybrid Combos [3] by Therion

I need something fun to do. I get inspired by making weird combinations of animals and trying to make them into functional animals/critters/beasts.

Though I can't really come up with any or really decide what to draw. So why not ask people to drop me some feral combinations. I'll be able to get some practice and someone might enjoy it. (I'll try to do most of them so I'm sorry if I don't get to yours. I'm using these as practice.)

Don't be afraid to challenge me! So don't be afraid of giving me a lot to work with. lol If you can give me exotics or variety it be really fun for me.

Please don't give me common combos like "wolf-horse" , "lion-horse" , or etc. I'm not really looking for stuff like that. If I wanted to draw griffins I would etc etc. ^^

Completed Hybrid Examples:
Typanto Aletor -- Lion, Emperor Scorpion, and Barn Owl
Crycodontchidalis -- Horned Shark, Giant Salamander, Giraffe, and Crocodile
Peletheriumdonos -- Brown Pelican, White Rhino, and Hognose Snake
Pancusdon Tylanris -- Whale Shark, White Tiger, and Blue Dragon Sea Slug
Phyragacus Comantia -- Jewel Caterpillar, Ambush Bug (Phymatinae), Blue Dragon Sea Slug (Glaucus Atlanticus), and Snail (Helix Pomatia)

Yoncol Torli -- Raccoon and Rock Dove
Serpoda -- Octopus and Snake
Podidea -- Badger and Bearded Dragon

Give Me Weird Hybrid Combos [3]


12 April 2018 at 09:33:18 MDT

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