My First Fursuit Braxton On the Way by SilverSheep

While people are having kids or buying their first home I have a milestone of my own. I sent a deposit to Kai Long from Eastern Dragon Studios to make my blue fox Braxton into a fursuit. I am getting a full plantigrade design with follow me eyes in a toony style. It will be much like Kaylee or Roxanne in style and design. I wanted a full suit because I figured go hard or go home. I'm not anti-partial fursuits but in a way, it is a false economy. You can spend as much on a costume to go with a partial suit as a full suit would cost.

I also want to be fully transformed into a blue fox. To get into the headspace of being a different creature with a personality different from my own. Braxton has a much different personality from me as a human and I want to totally get the full fursuiting experience. I have made a lot of fursuiting friends being a photographer and I have been influenced towards the full suit direction.

I went with Eastern Dragon Studios because I was impressed with their work. Seeing EDS fursuits up close I was very impressed with the looks and workmanship. I have done business with Kai Long in the past but with her illustration side of the business. She has always been a pleasure to work with and transparent with delays and updates. I have a built up trust with EDS and therefore trust them with thousands of dollars that a fursuit costs to make. I don't know how some people can fling money over to people they don't even know in a different country on just a promise.

I didn't get a fursuit for my fursona Silver Sheep because to do him justice I need to find a metallic fur for his body suit that shines like metal. I think I would have to budget for a lot more money to get a Silver Sheep suit in a design I would be happy with.

This project will take some time so don't expect to see Braxton for a while. Still, I had to share this news.

My First Fursuit Braxton On the Way


5 April 2018 at 02:21:58 MDT

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