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Life Update (April 2018) by Zeta-Haru

Hello guys :3 How are things?

I've been recovering from the chronic tenosynovitis during the past month. I went to the doctor and what sucked the most is that I had to wait one week in between each test and doctor visit, while feeling clueless.
In the end he just recommended physiotherapy. All the tests were fine and it seems to be like consequence of having my hands resting for that long, and also for not stretching properly for years.

They are not flared anymore but it took some time to not feel uncomfortable while doing normal daily things, now what I need to do again is build strength on them. The last time I healed, I was also trying to do that but it just ended up flaring again and causing a problem again.

I will be starting the physical therapy today finally ;w; Took almost a week to start because of the Easter holiday, but I hope that this makes my hands stronger and that I can learn the best stretches to do daily at home.

The good news is that I was able to finish a commission that I started 2 months ago before all this, and also that I am able to work even if a little every day ;-; Completing this art meant a lot.
But that's still not enough to be able to do this for a long time, so I am really putting all my hopes in the physiotherapy and trying to think positive, as I know stress can affect this directly.
There was this one day that my right hand suddenly got paralyzed during a strong emotional moment, and it was very scary, but it made me realize how stress can really dictate how my whole body works.

I hope you like the new art, I should post soon! And I will try to work on the remaining commission's during this month while I am under therapy :3

Hopefully I will be back on track soon enough and feel free again too draw what I want and give you more content because I really miss posting new art and talking to people...

Oh, I created a Ko-fi page recently!

I thought that I didn't need it because I already have Patreon, but some people wanted to give me a tip just once and were not interested in the files that I upload there, so I created one just to have another support option other than Patreon.

I really appreciate if you support me in any way ^^ Money is starting to get tight after all this time without being able to work, and it is one of the reasons why I started stressing so much, and might have made my recover slower.

Besides that life has been okay, I have been trying to spend some quality time with boyfriend, and I have been making plans and more plans but that's it, because I can't execute them in the speed that I wanted, for example there's this new comic that I've been refining, but also some ideas for new arts, but I can't do it right now because I have to prioritize the commissions that I owe, and my health in general.

And about our Discord server and I'm very sorry for not chatting there and I'm also very sorry for not replying to all my friends properly. I just really wanted some time for myself so I could feel better about life and and realize what's going on with me, and I still don't know about coming back to my old routine since my life is not the same anymore, but I will do what I can and we'll see how it's going to be from now on. Because for now, I am just trying to fix myself and be able to support myself again.

I also went back to listening to Paramore again ^^ Their latest album has been like a therapy for me, making me understand how I was feeling:

Also thanks for all the support messages in the previous journals! Have any of you went through something similar that you had to recover your hand strength? If so, please share your story in the replies, I would love to read.

And that's it for now I just wanted to keep you updated nothing big really happened, I just have been trying to get over this, recover correctly and don't mess up again!

Thanks for your time reading and for caring <3

Life Update (April 2018)


4 April 2018 at 08:24:55 MDT

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