Hey Y'all by Cowboypunk

So for the past few months I've avoided uploading much (and took a general light internet break) because my arms have been injured and I've been waiting for them to heal to a more comfortable level. It's basically tennis elbow and in ~both~ my elbows, so things like drawing and typing have been difficult, but steadily getting better.

This month I'll be starting to work through the log of commission requests I've gotten since December, and I'll be posting a bunch of commissions and things I finished up around winter, as well as the doodles I'm making for Adventure April of my pet sparrow as a tiny explorer! If my arms are good enough by May, I might have another animated commission special in mind~

So what're you guys up to? I'm excited to try out Sea of Thieves :3

Hey Y'all


1 April 2018 at 20:30:16 MDT

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    Work is killing my soul and keeping me away from art, but at least I'm not too poor anymore. Glad to hear from you!

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      I feel you; almost always money or art, rarely money and art.
      Hopefully will hear a lot of me for a while :p

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    Good to have you back!
    I'm a little stuck between exploring the deeper mysteries of my profession (I'm a programmer) and having to finish a mammoth project in less than a third of the time it requires. :)
    At least I managed to settle my mind for accepting the things as they are, spending lots of my free time on reading (fiction and educational alike), some tiny little pet projects and occasionally painting miniatures for the tabletop hobby my husband and I enjoy.

    Maybe, maybe, JUST maybe somewhere between all this I found a hidden pathway towards creative story-writing, a passion I thought withered and forgotten.

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      It seems like people always expect programming projects to take cartoonishly less time than they need to take haha

      That's all super cool though! Glad to hear you're finding some comforts and passions and time to enjoy them! c:

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        Thank you very much! :)
        Would like to say something more sensible, but this constant punching of your avatar is too distracting. XD

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          It doesn't help that it's all over the page now, too lol XD

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    3d horror all around and mental illness, panic attacks are peppering my life. but things are getting better for what I am.

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      3d horror as in...working with 3d? or as in some kind of illustrative language to describe the anxiety peppering?

      Honestly, though, just getting degrees of betterness when dealing with mental illness/panic attacks/etc. is huge, congrats on pushing through! :3

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        working with 3d and finding out what works and what doesnt ahaha.

        Thanks, getting better all the time. Maybe your arm would heal faster if someone wouldnt be punching your face on your icon all the time!

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          Ah, lol, I getcha, 3d work is often messy lol modeling and weight painting is always the worst for me.


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    Im sorry about the arms!! Tennis is great for strengthening the shoulder and elbow but its hard on the elbow and wrist. And knees!

    Im glad you have more art planned and in the wings. Dont feel bad if the animation doesn’t happen by May, one more month is a small price compared to potential years of stress damage! At your own health’s pace.

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      Oops read the journal as if you were doing tennis. My mistake!

      Stretching is sexy! I wish you many satisfying pt stretches!

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        Honestly, I keep feeling weird calling it that just cause it's so obviously easy to assume it's from tennis lol. Kind of ironic though, cause there's tennis courts just down the street from me and I've never been to them ever :I

        Thanks for the warm words~!