My top 27 favorite Pokemon List! by NimbusTheMix

1: Eevee (including every eeveelution)
2: The whole squirtle evolution line
3: The whole Litten evolution line
4: Zoroark
5: Lucario & Riolu
6: Absol
7: Lycanroc (every form)
8: Arcanine
9: Nidoking
10: Raichu & Pikachu
11: Dragonair
12: Noibat & Noivern
13: Dragonite
14: Greninja
15: Alolan Vulpix & Ninetales
16: Mew
17: Mewtwo
18: Electrike & Manectric
19: Butterfree
20: The whole Oshawott evolution line
21: Articuno
22: Deino, Zweilous & Hydreigon
23: Chandelure
24: The whole Bulbasaur evolution line
25: Yveltal
26: Aggron
27: The whole Lillipup evolution line

If you have any questions, ask me below!
(EDIT: I might change a few things on this list in the future if my opinions change over time)

My top 27 favorite Pokemon List!


29 March 2018 at 20:48:37 MDT

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    1. i don't like Littens final evolution 2. do you like Zroa (probably speled it wrong), Zoroarks unevolved form? 3. is this in order of how much you like them? K Thanks :P
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      1.I like all of Litten's evolutions, because Litten and Torracat remind me of a cat I used to have named Tabby. Long story short, she and I were really close. she passed away not to long ago, and that's why they are so high up on the list. I also like Incineroar (littens final evolution) because it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to watch WWE alot, and 2, because it's beaming with personality. not gonna lie though, when I first found out Litten's final evolution was Incineroar I didn't like it as much either, but it grew on me.

      2.Yes, I do like zoroa! just not as much as zoroark.


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    this is a good list. :3

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    today, my favorite is squirtle