An Everything Update! by noki

Good morning everyone! Thought I'd drop in with an update on what I've been doing. Today marks 4 more weeks until the day I leave, which is now set to May 11th. I've talked to my mom and we'll be taking her truck so I can move all my things with me - as compared to bussing or flying, where I'd have to ship them to the land. We'll drive up on the Saturday and she'll stay overnight, and then go home solo on Sunday. Everything is getting set to go, been sorting out what's coming and what's not. My space is VERY limited so I have to be extra-selective about what makes the cut! Getting excited though, and starting to work out the plans for when I come home - including the RainFurrest trip. The trick to all this is the truck needs new tires SERIOUSLYBADLY so I'll probably be handing over my tax return to put towards tires (and probably a nice chunk of my income) instead of taking it with me. :( They are very likely to be $1000, which is definitely a huge setback...

So something I haven't really talked about is this ... love interest of mine. I started seeing a guy a while ago and I've been going over there pretty often (couple days a week usually) and we're getting pretty close. Whenever I tell anyone about him they don't believe he's NOT my boyfriend, but it hasn't been "verbally consented" so to speak. But he's as good to me - and Caine - as any boyfriend and I'm really longing for that. :/ At any rate, he happens to be really good friends with my pregnant friend's boyfriend (complicated friend circle, lol) so he's decided to come with me in May. :) He was going to go out there anyway to see them at some point in summer, but now he's coming with me so we can spend most of the summer together. And that's lovely, I just wanted to share my delight!

Work is coming along, sometimes slowly sometimes quickly. I really hope I can squeeze in a few art pieces and get some prints ready before the FurEh deadline, but at least the Sculpey projects are going well. And of course commissions. I'll also be taking some AT Fur Eh, and I will probably be accepting take-home work for my last week in town. I am PRETTY SURE I will be able to keep taking commissions and doing art out there. I will probably work mostly in traditional mediums to save myself laptop power, and I will probably do uploads in bulk once a week or whenever I get to town to use real internet. I can rely on my phone to take orders by email and do smaller internet tasks. Chances are I won't open up again until June at the earliest, though. Getting the garden in as early as possible is top priority out there! Short growing seasons. :) The way I take commissions and the prices with it will be getting a pretty big overhaul when I open again. This Iron Artist is the last opportunity to get commissions this simple, haha. Obviously I want to be paid for my TIME more than anything else, so I will be changing them to reflect that instead of my current method of "only page size".

Since we're cutting it close to my last days here, I've reduced the final number of Iron Artist slots I'm taking before I leave. These will close April 28th, to give myself time to finish up before FurEh. I'd rather not be finishing them AT the con, so. I've reposted the list below, and I'll be updating this new list from here on out.

As before, please note me or send me an email ( to claim a spot and I will reply back with the info request. :)

An Everything Update!


13 April 2013 at 09:52:23 MDT

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