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New-Old Art To Come Soon - Update by ilbv

3 weeks since my last update yet I am feeling the pull to write a new one so everyone knows I'm alive and well and what's been happening.

Quick mention, thank you to the new watchers I have earned. Your interest and support helps me strive to keep things looking good and fun and interesting so that you'll wish to stay. So thank you very much, I could not get to where I am now without each and everyone of you.

I've passed the 100k pageviews milestone! That's really awesome, looks like no one was able to send me a screenshot of what it looked like, oh well, I Missed out on seeing it too xD still, thank you to all 100,000 clicks by users and people like you who took a second of their time to look at what I am about.

[u]Now to my life lately[/u]
I've been working for a few days, spent some nights in the city with some friends because work hours went long and there isn't much time before a turnaround. So I've been really tired and absent, and I apologize for that.

I also have noticed that after I am away for a few days, coming back to the community can be a bit lonely. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of stuff and that everyone has moved on without me so I've got to rush and catch up or risk being left out and left behind. I don't know why I feel like this, and if anyone has any advice please share.

I feel much happier now after some good sleep and eating a nice meal. There is a lot of potential in my evening still and I want to get going with some things. I'll be clearing out the built up journals that have piled up after I sift through and read the important ones, then I'll get back to writing out descriptions for my next batch of art uploads.

These uploads are mostly a whole bunch of throwbacks, old; seriously old art from my early beginnings as an artist and creator. I can only hope that you will all humor me a little and give me some grace. There are arts I want to share, and while not everything is the most attractive or pleasant, I hope you'll grant me the kindness of holding out as I get closer to posting the really excellent stuff. I've mixed in a bit of newer things so it doesn't drag on. I've got approximately 160 new and old items to post in this next batch, some things have been seen by only close friends, some things have never been seen at all! Years have gone by and I've just sat on my treasure hoard. There is so much more to come, and now that I'm doing better and drawing more, there will always be a trickle or small flow of new materials from me to come.
Things are looking hopeful and fun! I am grateful for all of you who join me on this journey. Your support means everything.

New-Old Art To Come Soon - Update


23 March 2018 at 15:22:01 MDT

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