Not active here anymore by Naki

Figured I should post something on here for one reason or another. Granted I still check up on it just to clear submissions on it, because I'm weird like that, but I don't plan on updating it anymore. The only place I'm still semi active on is FA and even then it's not nearly as much as it used to be. Pretty much still have a love/hate relationship with the fandom anymore. Though the same can probably be said for a lot of the people I know/have known. Ended up developing a lot more trust issues then I already had and had to reevaluate just about every one I knew. Because in the end it seems I didn't know most of them as well as I thought I had. So that combined with a bunch of other crap I took off for a good while and just had to disappear. Not that anyone even noticed, but again that ties in with the other bit above. But anyways before I end up rambling some more as usual, like I said if you still care to follow me or anything and don't already I'm active again only on FA.

Not active here anymore


16 March 2018 at 17:23:58 MDT

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