Etsy Shop Returns + Updates by danneroni

Hey everyone! My Etsy store is back up and running with some new listings including Animal Crossing stickers!

Our trip to California was a lot of fun, and now it's back to Stressful Catch Up Time, since now my roommates and I are moving into a bigger house down the street. Lucky, this will mean I am no longer just working out of my girlfriend and I's room, but will have a full room dedicated to fursuit work. This means I will be able to take bodysuit commissions again!

For now however, commissions remain closed until I have made enough progress on the items in my queue. Until then, I have a dealers table at Tiny Paws Con in Connecticut!

I am also planning on road tripping to Anthrocon this year and will be trying my best to get a table in the artist's alley! Wish me luck :)

Etsy Shop Returns + Updates


16 March 2018 at 17:02:03 MDT

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