Commission Schedule 2017/03/13 by DarkShadow777

For this weeks schedule, the queue now looks like this:


Currently, Iā€™m working on this:

  • Mondays: Anonymous (Full Color Commission) [Still Waiting input]
  • Tuesdays: Nerzha (HF/FA - Full Color Commission + 3 variants) [Working shading and effects]* Wednesdays: Slim Shod (FA - Full Color Commission) [To be started this Wednesday]

And my waiting queue looks like this:

  • Maxl8 (Tumblr - *DM's) [1 Simpe Manga Page]
  • Anonymouse_Skylark (FA - *Discord) [1 Full Colored Manga Page]
  • Ursven (FA - *Notes) [Flat Colored Commission]

I'm leaving the current status for commissions as open, but take in mind I'm not taking any more inquiries after I'm cleared up with this waiting list. You can, however ask me. If the waiting list is less than 3 people, I can add you, as the time you will have to wait for a commission to be started will be relatively short. I really empathize on this because I like people to get their commissions done and delivered in a reasonable time, and not keeping you waiting and waiting countless years...

Also, just in case you wonder, I charge upfront for commission work, as stated in my TOS, BUT, I will charge when I'm going to start your commission work, NEVER before. This give us both the artist and the commissioner relaxation about your status of your commission. In any case, my Trello is always available for you to see progress in my lists, and commission work that is being worked, or is done already.

<< My trello for detailed information >>


Commission Schedule 2017/03/13


13 March 2018 at 13:40:49 MDT

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