Ask Our OCs Anything! (And I Will Draw It) by Kakusai

Hey everyone! I'm bored, don't know what to draw, and would like to do some more of these, so I'm opening up another round of "Ask Our OCS"!
Be sure to read over the rules, and feel free to ask multiple questions! The more I have to choose from, the better!


  1. You may ask as many questions as you want, to as many characters as you want! There's no limit, and asking multiple questions is highly encouraged! Trust me, the more I have to choose from, the better!

  2. If you ask multiple questions, please try to keep them separated in their own comment. This is just to make things easier for me when I copy/paste your comment into the drawing.

  3. It's highly encouraged that you ask questions for** BOTH** mine and goldenwing's characters. I want to draw for both of us, so if you ask one of our OCs something, try to ask one of the other's too! It's not required, but it would just be really nice!

  4. Your question can be NSFW or SFW in nature! Either one is fine!

  5. Please be sure to state at the beginning of the question which character you're asking!

  6. Serious or funny questions are fine! However, keep in mind that questions that are completely nonsensical and too random for characters to respond to may be less likely to be answered. (Example, asking a character something like, "If a train is leaving a station, and it's a Tuesday, what color is the bottom of my shoe?") If an character's IC reaction would be to not respond or just walk away, I'm probably not going to draw it.

  7. Be sure to look at questions we've already answered by clicking here before asking to help avoid repeat questions!

  8. If you need our full character lists, mine is here: My OCs, and Verin's is here: Verin's OCs

Ask away!

Ask Our OCs Anything! (And I Will Draw It)


13 March 2018 at 10:41:04 MDT

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