3/12/2018 = FurAffinity Is Down (Was) by PrivateDoomsday

Apparently, FurAffinity appears to be down; perhaps it got shut down temporarily, due to some bug-fixes, that need to be done. Either that, or it was a problem, with their server.

But on the plus side, I'll be re-submitting some recent artwork of mine, on this site. Especially because, while this site is less populated, at least it's far nicer, than DeviantArt. And of course, it makes a good backup art website. (Two of the reasons, why I decided not to leave Weasyl.)

Also, I've been playing "Disgaea 5: Complete" recently, on my Nintendo Switch. (DANG IT, DESCO; you're so dang adorable, that I'd wanna hug you! But not if you weren't comfortable with that, of course. XD)

Until then, here's a list of Nintendo Switch games I played, that are in my collection, that, at least when it comes to the exclusive titles, are MUST HAVES, in your game collection! (Sorted in alphabetical order.)

= Disgaea 5: Complete (A great tactical RPG, with a rather wacky, over-the-top, comedic story, as well as a very well-done, in depth strategy gameplay, that also allows you, to even CREATE characters! And customize their color scheme. The only thing is, I wish this game, DID bring have the Beast Tamer class; at least as DLC! But of course, that's just my opinion.)
= Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (I got my copy, for the Nintendo Switch. Personally, it looked good, and I KNEW that it was gonna be fun; especially since I played the FIRST "Dragon Ball Xenoverse", on the Xbox 360. And, personally? It's not only a good adaptation, to the "Dragon Ball" franchise, but it's also a good, intense action RPG!)
= Splatoon 2 (FIRST PARTY; a great third-person shooter, that is actually pretty dang cute, as well as fun! The entire gameplay, focuses mainly, on various game modes; the most notable one, being focused, on territory control, by spreading ink, around the stage. Also, thanks to the DLC update, on this title, octolings, are now playable!)
= The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (FIRST PARTY; I think this one, is obvious! Usually speaking, I don't really care for games, of that particular franchise. But THIS ONE?!? We're talking about THE BEST GAME, in the entire franchise, here! If you don't know what I mean, look it up!)
= Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (FIRST PARTY; great action RPG; a great story, amazingly well-done characters, and a great sense of humor, to show that, even when it comes to more dramatic, more serious moments, it does have it's funny side of the story, in return!)

And now, some games I plan on getting copies of, for my Nintendo Switch:

= Arms
= Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
= Mega Man 11
= Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

(UPDATE: It's back online, now.)

3/12/2018 = FurAffinity Is Down (Was)


12 March 2018 at 11:08:08 MDT

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    I wish they made a lot of the old job classes available, I really preferred Samurai over Warrior. And while Martial Artist is cool and similar, it’s not the same.

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      Well, on the plus side, at least the series NEVER forgets, to add prinnies! After all; it wouldn't be "Disgaea", without them, dood! XD

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        I never use my Prinny teammates! XD It’s abuse!!!

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          Fair enough!

          Then I suggest that in "Disgaea 5", dispatch them on investigations, instead of putting them in battle, with you, dood!

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            I keep one on my team at all times.......I train everyone equally. :) Some of their specials can be useful in crowded areas of the Item World. Pringer Beam is especially awesome when surrounded. Tons of mana and experience right in one shot! :D

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              That's awesome!

              As for prinnies...

              I think I can imagine the hilarious idea, of a "One Minute Melee" battle...ESPECIALLY due to a funny ending!

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                Better than the wire-frames! XD

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                  More interesting, and better, indeed!

                  Because prinnies, actually HAVE personality; nuff' said!