A Poll about a Hypothetical Fursuit by VoltWolf

I have a quick hypothetical question. If you were to, say, purchase a premade fursuit partial for, let's say, around 150$, which type of species, hypothetically, would you want that partial to be, so to speak?

  • Possibly a wolf, fox, or other canine/vulpine?
  • Mayhaps a big cat?
  • Maybe a dragon?
  • Potentially an otter?
  • Probably some other animal that you might specify?

Spring break starts soon (and I have plenty of free time regardless), and to be perfectly honest, I really want to make and market more suits. Previous attempts have failed, so I turn to you, the general public and my followers, for help and information.

A Poll about a Hypothetical Fursuit


10 March 2018 at 17:07:00 MST

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    Wild canids are definitely the most popular species, is my opinion. It might be a neat idea to pre-make "Adoptable" character suits, possibly ones that come with a simple reference sheet, for those people who enjoy adopts. I've only ever purchased two adoptables in my time in the furry fandom, but there are those who are quite the collectors!

    Just keep in mind that there are others out there who might buy the character/suit and then turn around and re-sell it for a higher price, so you may need to consider some terms and conditions with them.

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      Ooh, thanks for that last note. Thanks for the input as well. ^^

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    I agree with MistingWolf, wild canids like foxes and wolves are really popular. I've been seeing more otters around lately. Dragons are popular with the scalie crowd.

    I also agree with Misting's second point, there are slimy people out there. I highly suggest writing up a Terms of Service, specifically including a rule regarding re-sale. Try to leave no loopholes to exploit, there are dickheads who can and will exploit loopholes in your ToS if they see them.

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      Alright. I'll keep that in mind.