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[Update] Break from College, Art Training, and More by ZenSachio

[Copied and pasted from my FA]

**Gah! I suck at keeping these up to date xD **

Anyway things have been going good, currently i'm on my break from college. Sadly it's only a week break so next week I go back D=

As the title of this journal says i've started Art training, now that i have a art computer, it's time to start working on getting better at art and I have some amazing artists friends that have been helping me so this will atleast be a good start towards me drawing my own art again :3

And besides the whole art training and relaxing during break, i've recently sold my xbox 360 since i really never got xbox live anymore due to how expensive it was for me .3.

So thanks to selling that i got my art comp and i've turned to Steam as my main gaming source [besides LoL, GW2, and others that are not steam games xD] and so i've been getting my library filled slowly on lol.

Anyway if you'd like to chat and what not just add me on steam :3 Sadly i don't have many games to play with others on atm so yeah >>

My user name is: SerenityXZero

[Update] Break from College, Art Training, and More


10 April 2013 at 10:32:42 MDT

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