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Commission Rewards 2018! by Alcho

Hey everyone! Ever think about getting a commission from me? If so, I've got great news!

Repeat customers in 2018 will be enrolled in a Loyalty Program as a Thank You from me! On top of that - you can earn yourself some $$$ in credit towards a commission if you refer someone to me who orders a piece!

There's also a Rewards System going in for 2018!

I'll explain in more detail below!

Loyalty Program

New for 2018, and possibly forever, the Loyalty Program will be a permanent discount to all repeat commissioners in 2018! Here's how it works!

Once you order and pay for a commission from me, all commissions from that point on have a 5% discount applied to the order's total! I will keep record of this physically. This applies to any and all commissions, and is stack-able with sales and special promotions!

Rewards System

Atop of the Loyalty Program comes an incentive to participate more often, FREE ART!

For Every $20 you spend, you will receive $2 in Reward Bucks in an account that I will keep track of physically, which can be cashed in to get yourself free art from me! This money does NOT expire, and is not transferable to other accounts, no exceptions!

Reward bucks go in intervals of 20s. $20-$39 = $2. $40-$59=$4. Ect.

Referral Program!

Finally we have our Referral Program! This is an added incentive to tell others about the awesome art you got, and to help me spread the word that my commissions are open! Don't worry, there's something in it for you of course!

If someone commissions me for the first time, and they mention that you have referred them - you will receive 10% of however much the person spends on their commission added to your Rewards Bucks account! This money does not expire, and can be used on ANY commission once you save up enough!

The person commissioning me MUST tell me your name, and MUST be commissioning me for the first time in order to receive your bonus!!

Reward Bucks are their own fund per account - they may not be combined with any other account

Reward Bucks are a stand alone credit - they are not able to be dipped into to get a "cheaper" commission - You must pay for normal commissions normally, and once you acquire enough Reward Bucks, you may purchase a commission by paying for it IN FULL with Reward Bucks!

Commissions for Deviant Art Points, or for any that involve items being exchanged instead of USD are excluded from the Rewards Programs

Everyone who has commissioned me since January 1st 2018 has already automatically been added to Reward Bucks, and has their balances recorded!

There ya go guys! Let me know what you think!

Until Next Time,
Keep on Keepin' On!

Commission Rewards 2018!


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      Yup! All sorts of incentives for people to commission me ^.^ They definitely will get more than they pay for from other artists - especially if they do so a few times!

      I might do a "top spender" at the end of the year as well for commissioners - I'm still trying to put that plan into effect with details though :P

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        Very cool!hope you don't mind if I spread the word on!

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          Nah, by all means ^.^ Go for it ^.^