ConFurgence 2018 Write-Up by SilverSheep

Better late than never my ConFurgence write-up. ConFurgence 2018 marked my second ConFurgence. Melbourne is a great city to visit. I spent some extra time down there. To start off I have to say thank you to all the volunteers and people who make ConFurgence happen.

I feel that I had a better time this year than last year. The reason for this is mainly that I have a larger group of friends and feel more comfortable socially. A marked change was the number of people asking me for a photo shoot of just to take their picture. I must be making a name for myself in the fandom. It feels good to be valued and wanted. In my everyday life I feel pretty much like a nobody but with the furries they what to meet me and talk to me.

I have to say that I feel like I'm home in the fandom. Life isn't perfect and I'm sure that I don't get along with everyone but that's true anywhere. In the fandom, people love my photography and I feel my skills are growing and it's not just my newer gear. Looking back on my work from the previous years I can see a marked improvement. I am also growing socially talking to more people and feeling more comfortable in my own skin.

I have met quite a few people at the convention. It really makes me feel like a worthwhile person that people are seeking me out to talk to me. That's what makes these events it's the friendships and social mingling. I love going out to lunch or dinner and just chatting. Having a social connection with people is something I struggle with but now that I've been to a couple of conventions it's much easier.

My highlights of ConFurgence were the dances and just talking to people that I've only known online or by their fursuit. The dances are always a great experience for me. It reminds me of my first convention FurDU 2016 and dancing with fursuiters for the first time. It was the closest thing to a religious experience for me and this is coming from an atheist. I just love the affection I receive from the fursuiters offering a hug and cuddle. It's just something I don't get outside of furry events.

I feel just the act of a hug heals my soul and gives me a reason to keep going. I know it's the same for so many furries. They just want to be loved and valued and they come to the fandom to find it. That is what I get out of these conventions and it keeps me coming back. I get a little emotional afterwards knowing that I have to wait until the next one to get that feeling again.

I went nuts in the dealer's den this year. I think it was because of my new fox Braxton. I just had to get more artworks for him. I love to support local artists because without them the Australian furry scene would be very bleak indeed. I also love that we have some great fursuit makers in Austraila. Our suit makers are getting up there with the Americans I feel.

One thing that one my friends commented on was how there were so many families and women were part of ConFurgence. It's a different demographic from what you'd expect from a furry convention. It's a good change and it is the only all-ages convention in Austraila so it's sort of expected. I often see on Twitter that female fursuiters often get treated unfairly over in the states. I have read stories that if a female fursuiter takes their suit head off in the headless lounge they are met with disappointment when their gender is revealed. Other stories involve females getting shunned at room parties.

I don't get that vibe over here. I hope we are better in Austraila the land of a fair go. The room party I attended had a half and half ratio of male and females. We have a different way of doing things here in Austraila. It was a change seeing so many families at a furry convention I think that's what makes ConFurgence unique among the Australian furry conventions. I hope it brings in new furry blood.

In conclusion, I had a wonderful time at ConFurgence. Meeting new people and catching up with friends what makes a convention great. If you get the right crowd together good times will roll.

ConFurgence 2018 Write-Up


1 March 2018 at 23:56:29 MST

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