ANE 2018 follow up by rowedahelicon

Whoa! I went to ANE 2018 for a few days even though I said I was going for 1!

Big thanks to Fraeven for letting me crash at his house with free parking because holy shit. I wouldn't have gone otherwise!

Also link to pictures I took!

The Good Great

The con was great! Overall, I didn't do any sort of room parties for the most part so I didn't tackle heads with the security like most other people were having issues with. Stress free con is great. The drive up to Boston was lovely and the city itself is always nice to see, I haven't been in so long! Last ANE was in Boston but not really like, in the city.

I got to try a few new things I have never done before! Such as...

  • Riding an Uber
  • Riding a subway
  • Navigating myself to places because my GPS goes like this ¯\(ツ)

Motivation panel went great, not as populated as recent ones but it was also on a Sunday during two other events when people were leaving so aaa. But it did go great, and I had a lovely time and met some folks after :3

And overall, I got to meet a bunch of people I've been wanting to and met up with a lot of friends I miss seeing!

The Bad

I found this out right as I was leaving, I had a bit of a struggle trying to put it aside and enjoy myself and not bring those around me down, but now I have had my time to process it.

Otherwise uh... I know the con hotel was a little wacky this year and security wasn't the best and people are rude but I trust in the ANE staff and their ability to fix it. I know a number of them and they're all lovely people. It's been said a billion times but I'll also add in that proper feedback goes a lot farther than yelling! ;w;

The Ugly

My GPS got me lost a lot ;w;

Special mentions!

All the people I met this year at my motivation panel, I'm happy you all came <3 I got to meet ZUGUS too :3


I didn't get a chance to see a few people I wanted to see :( But that happens at every con x3

ANE 2018 follow up


27 February 2018 at 19:59:54 MST

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