Regarding Streams (and other things) by Inkblot

When I stream, I tend not to only post links on DA and FA as most of my followers are on those sites. But I have been getting a lot of new followers across all my sites lately, so I wanna ask my followers here: Do you want me to post the stream links here as well?

Also While on the subject about getting followers on other sites engaged, I should mention the following things as well: I am open for commissions right now! I also am on discord, and have a public discord should anyone want to chat!

Regarding Streams (and other things)


26 February 2018 at 08:36:23 MST

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    In regards to streams, I'm not one to watch but it couldn't hurt to cross post to bring in more people. Weasyl also has that stream specific option for sharing so makes it easier to some degree for people looking for streams.

    Additionally, if you're open for commissions right now, it might be a good idea to exploit the Marketplace here. It seems rather straight forward to set up for it, and couldn't hurt to bring in more new watchers.

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      Ah yeah, i forgot about those features! Thank you for reminding me!