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Soooo update from December, I guess, since that was my last journal.

Gonna be 21 years old on the 15th! I'm way excited because the weekend before I get to go to my first con, Furry Connection North. And going out to a comedy club with my family that following weekend.

I haven't uploaded much here and not for a long time, for months I've been in a bad-mood with my art and too sidetracked playing various video games. I'm currently working on my latest children's book that I have both written and am currently illustrating. This will probably take up most of my drawing time for the next 2-3 weeks. But my last day of class is May 3rd so then I'll have months of free time for more artwork! Currently I'm working on anatomy of all types, anthro and feral included.

I am considering volunteering at a local art museum for a way to both get out of my apartment to meet new people and help prepare me for my Bachelor's degree and also my new career path (as an art museum curator). I'm hoping it works out!

Also, in my last journal I mentioned that I was a Ferret. As of this journal, I'm now a Moderator. YEYAH



6 April 2013 at 16:39:55 MDT

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    I get the feeling that by the time you post a new journal, you'll be Admin :V. And I'll be the one to remind you you need to post a new journal. Also it's gonna be your first con? Man, my first con was AC 2012 and I HAD THE FREAKING TIME OF MY LIFE! Imo if you're gonna start something, might as well start with the best :P. Also you should totally volunteer for that art museum job if that's what you plan to do in the future! Finally I'm hoping that by the time you become curator, "post-modern" art of w/e they call that ridiculous insult to art dies down :P

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    Sounds like you've got it made! Happy Early Birthday! :D

    I've got plans for kids' books myself! I'm a wee bit paranoid about making them, but I need to stop that.

    Man, I'd LOVE to work in a museum. You should give it a try! :D

    All the best!

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    *gives cookies* Happy birthday, Tiger!

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    Also congrats on getting mod.