Confurgence 2018 Meme! by SilverSheep

Stolen from Inspired by skyder skyder

-Where are you staying?
Adara Richmond

-What day are you getting there?
Thursday 22nd February

-How are you arriving?
On a plane, travelling with Katsu

-Who will you be rooming with?
A room to myself. (Expensive but nice.)

-Who will you hang out with during the convention?
My friends Diego, Trak, Lord Darius Foxworth, among others.

-Are there events you might be attending?
Most likely the dances otherwise I'll see what's going on.

-Will you be suiting?
No, unless Diego lets me try on his head again.

-Do you do free art?
I take photos for free. I'm not an artist.

-Do you do trades?
No, sorry.

-What is your gender?

-How old are you?

-Are you taken?
No, because I'm not really looking.

-Can I talk to you?
Yeah, say hello.

-Can I touch you?
I'm not a fursuiter so this doesn't really apply to me but yes if you want.

-How can I find you?
I'll have a convention art badge by Muttasaur with SilverSheep on it. I'll be carrying around a large DSLR camera and flash setup.

-Can I visit your room?
I'm not at the convention hotel but if I know you and you ask, most likely yes.

-Can I buy you drinks?
Yes, buy me Espresso Martinis from the hotel bar.

-Can I give you stuff?
Yeah, if you're feeling generous.

-Can I hug or snuggle with you?
I like getting hugs, snuggles are only after asking.

-Are you nice?
I'm shy with people I don't know. If you're down to earth and genuine we'll have no issue getting along.

-How long are you going?
Leaving Melbourne on Wednesday, 28th.

-If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Come over and say hello. I'm on Telegram under @silversheep. You can send me a message.

-Where will you be most of the time during the days?
Most of the time taking photos of fursuiters and hanging out with friends. Diego's room party may be in the cards.

-What/where will you be eating?
Nearby places. Where my friends go.

-Can I come with you for fun/food/etc.?
Yeah, I'm open to making new friends.

-Can I pet your suit?

-Are you excited!
I am looking forward to ConFur because heaps of my friends are going. I think that's what makes the best convention experience.

-Camera sheep on the hunt for photos!

Confurgence 2018 Meme!


5 February 2018 at 20:56:58 MST

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