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Hey All!

Just a quick word about my Patreon page. Well, and a couple other things real quick related to that.

First of all, I’ve been thinking about it, kind of came across a semi-obvious solution to it earlier today, that is, what to post for my Patreon, and I think what I’ll end up doing is posting Patreon-specific stories and other content, updating story content on a chapter basis, usually trying to get something posted every two weeks or so. For the moment I have things set to only charge when posting new content, which especially seems fair to me since I imagine content will take a while for me to get posted, especially at first while I’m still having to work a regular full-time ‘day job’, until I get enough support all around and monetary gain on a regular enough basis to create stories full-time. I equally intend to not throw any surprises by giving about a week’s warning before posting something so that people have fair warning before I post it and they’re subsequently charged their pledge fee.

Also, Comics!! Yes, I’m going to look into pursuing comics work as well, so that at least one story that I post on Patreon, also chapter by chapter (either single page at a time or multi-page issues), will be a comic. That said, I’ll probably post the first installments for free, mainly to gauge interests. Then, if my comics are terrible or at least not what those supporting me on Patreon, who maybe were looking for prose fiction exclusively, then I won’t include them as part of Patreon-exclusive content.

That could come later on, though. That is, if I find the time to, before quitting my ‘day job’, or after I’ve managed to make enough creating stories to do it full-time, I am able to generate enough content that charging month to month instead of per submission for my Patreon content becomes the better idea, and people want whatever writings or comics or any other creative thing I put together, basically, when they want to support me on a more overall scale, then maybe that time is when I’ll start posting comics stories exclusively on Patreon.

If I sound a bit indecisive or uncertain it’s mostly because I am. What that means is, I’m certain I want to create furry stories (other stories too, but most of my story ideas are and will be furry, same with my visual art), that I want to be a full time storyteller and artist, doing that exclusively, but right now the uncertainty comes in the experimentation a little bit, trying different avenues and seeing what path to take, or paths, to make that a reality.

That’s pretty much all I have to say on the matter for the time being. If you want to check out my Patreon page:

There’s not much there yet but very soon! It may even be later today, certainly by later this week. The first posts may be older things that are free, the beginnings of stories or starts of chapters of stories posted to gauge interest in which particular story I should work on for Patreon-exclusive content.

Thanks For Watching!
~Daniel C. Aaron (aka “Rale the Otter”)

Patreon Ideas and Potential Plans


4 February 2018 at 23:50:56 MST

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