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23. The Bin Issue by FluxCrux

So as some folks might have heard before over the past months I've been having issues with the cow running a wedding cake shop next door trying to pilfer and use my household bin for dumping her shop waste in.

We know for a fact she is the one moving my bin to outside her shop and not someone else as both myself and Baz SAW her doing it once when walking up the road from the shops, the bin has my house number 266 painted in RED on it, it's easy to see it's not her bin which has 264 in WHITE on it.

To note as a shop she is supposed to be paying for business waste to be removed not using the black household rubbish bins (food waste is supposed to go in the brown composting bins at least in our area) and it is actually illegal for her to be using a household bin.

So after having to wash my bin out due to the cream leaking from one of the bags she'd dumped in it I stuck a note on the shop window requesting this behaviour to stop and left her rubbish on the doorstep under it to go into HER bins.

Well after a while I looked up her business online and have since left the following message on her facebook and twitter accounts ( & @annatylercakes )

"Please stop using MY bin for your cake waste, my bin DOES have my house number on it and I'm getting sick of this behaviour."

hopefully she'll cease with this after I reclaimed my bin and dumped the stuff she'd half filled it with on her doorstep, seriously the waste was collected Wednesday she'd half filled my bin by Friday, the collection is once every TWO weeks and I have yet to put a single thing in it.

If she doesn't I may have to start taking photos of every single time it happens and posting them to her facebook & twitter feeds as well as reporting it to the local council because why the hell not, she shows no respect for my property and bin so why should I have to give any back.

23. The Bin Issue


5 April 2013 at 23:23:13 MDT

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