Life after the fire by StonedPinkThing

Okay so a LOT has happened. If you frequent my Twitter, you would know we had a house fire that was started maliciously. Before that, that house was the only place we had to live out here.

Thanks to dear friends, we are sheltered and warm.

I got a different job and making less money than my previous one with a lot less stress. Hours are being cut back after the holidays so I've had to bookmark and either log in or create a new account for my art websites.

I will do whatever I need to to get my art out there. If I can make 100 badges and keep the money for the move, I'd have earned $2K!!!

Oh, and a month or so before the fire, we took in a sweet tom cat so now we are four: Myself, my SO, and our two cats.

Please spread the word about my art if you read this far. Even if you don't want to buy or can't, a simple RT, a mention, or a share with a link back here or to my Twitter helps more than you know.

Life after the fire


25 January 2018 at 13:31:35 MST

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