Help a girl out! Give me requests! by VioletHuskey

I have a problem… I cant decide what to make! It’s that weird sort of art slump where I have the energy and will to make things, but my mind just can’t settle on a topic. Clean or naughty? Dramatic or cute? Digital or traditional? Animation, stills, writing, sewing, sculpting, or a comic format?
And then the solution hit me! I can ask you guys what sounds interesting to you!
So here is how it’s going to work:
Every day from Monday the 29th of January to the 28th of February, I am going to make art! And you guys get to inspire what that art is!
I’m doing this all on my main FA page to make it simpler to keep track of, but the art will be posted on all of my galleries. So go on over to :
Give me a theme, a kink, a style (anime, Disney, etc.), a meme, a color scheme, a type of art (traditional, digital, writing, comic strip, animation, sewing, or sculpture), or some other short idea to execute with my characters!
The first 31 will be my assignments for the month! I will at very least start one a day. (writing, sewing, sculpting, and animation might take longer to finish, but I will get the basics down on that day and I will finish them!)

Help a girl out! Give me requests!


25 January 2018 at 08:09:26 MST

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