Overdue Update! by Michiru

Hey Nerds! I haven't really Posted much of anything here in awhile so apologies for that! I just can't Update this Journal frequently, due to being so busy and I'm mostly on dA but I will Update whenever I can. I try to focus on Posting Art more. etc.

Anyways, I'm still struggling with Personal Drama / Issues but it's gotten a bit better I think? I still overly think and overly worry about it but I'm dealing / managing with the problem a bit better, or I'm trying anyways. Fun Times is on Break. For one reason I'm tired. I've drawn every week for 2+ Yrs and I'm proud of that and I want to continue that but at the same time it wears you down after so long. So, I'm on Break for Self Care but also to Work on a Buffer for the Main Storyline AND Bloopers / Gag A Days, etc. and hopefully to draw other Art.

Fun Times should be Updating with a Full Page of the Main Storyline at some point, however. So watch for that!

My Patreon is also on a Break. Mainly because my Desktop is not accessible right now and my Dinosaur Laptop doesn't support it. I'm not giving up on my Patreon, it's just right now it's on a Break until I can get the 'Ok' to get on my Desktop, etc. In the meantime I do have a Ko-Fi which can be found at https://ko-fi.com/lunamarieskye So if you like my Art and want to Support it, Please leave me a Tip on Ko-Fi! Any Support and Tips is Appreciated!

Also, I've Updated my Profile a bit on here and Fur Affinity. My Fur Affinity Link is http://www.furaffinity.net/user/themichiru/ And My Furry Network Link is https://beta.furrynetwork.com/themichiru/ I try to Upload only my Best Art on these Sites so that's why it's radio silence sometimes. Anyway, you can find more Links in my Profile if you need to Contact me for Art Questions, etc.

I think I said in the last Journal I Posted that I'm trying to open my Shop, that is taking longer than expected, mainly because I'm looking into Packaging for my Arts and Crafts. etc I'd like to have unique Packaging with my Brand Printed on it so I'm trying to figure something out and also build up boxes, bubble wrap, paper, etc. Anything needed for Packaging. Any Tips on Ko-Fi would help that alot.

Think that's everything! If there is anymore News, I'll Keep you Posted. Thanks for any Support I get!

Overdue Update!


20 January 2018 at 17:55:34 MST

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