Free Art Raffle - 3 Slots - Celebrating 1500 Watchers by BadRoy

Well shit gang.

First off I just have to thank you all for giving me a shot. At this point I'd only put myself in the 40-50th percentile of overall skill in the fandom, but apparently you all see something in my work and I appreciate it so, so hard. Please stay tuned. Anyone who's got me on Discord will tell you that I'm in CSP almost constantly trying to improve. I have huge goals and a simply unhealthy dedication to the craft.

On to the real reason you clicked on this: THE FREE STUFF

I'm going to give away Three (3) pics. They will be in my usual clean, inked style :

  • Limited to your choice of a Waist-up -or- an Avatar pic (600x60o fullsize, but I can resize for you if need be). This is to keep these pics from impacting on my existing commissions too much.
  • Comment below for your entry. I'd love to know the reason you Watch me, if I draw your fetish just right, or because we're buds or whatever. I'm curious.
  • Monday morning, 15Jan18, I'll pick three winners.
  • Open to anyone as long as they're following me. Even if you already have a commission coming from me.

Kept you waiting huh?
~ RoyBoy

Free Art Raffle - 3 Slots - Celebrating 1500 Watchers


12 January 2018 at 13:02:14 MST

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    Sign me up!

    And as far as why I watch you. You draw a fetish or two I'm into, and your constant improvement is fun to watch!

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    I might as well.

    I watch you because you have a great art style. And interesting characters.

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    Well okay then!

    I like both your writing and I'm really enjoying how much your art is improving!
    Oh...and you're a snake and snek is my main weakness...