Technology yo by Jimmy

I got a new scanner today! <: It's all setup and ready to go!

I work this weekend, so I probably will not be drawing much to scan until Monday, but still, new art soon! =w=

Technology yo


11 January 2018 at 21:36:07 MST

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    So whats this new peice of tech like? Ive never seen a scanner irl, always used my phone to take sad picture of things or render out PNG files. Sounds like extra work for being a traditionalist artist!

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      You've legit not seen a scanner? O:

      It's the same functionally as a copier, except instead of printing the image after scanning it, it just saves it as a file digitally.

      It's really not all the much work. I just put the drawing on the glass, hit the button, it scans it. I might tweak it a bit to erase some extra pencil lines or something in Photoshop, but that's about it. :P I've just always preferred pen and paper for whatever reason.

      Here's the one I got, if you're curious. :P

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        I legit have not seen one of these, like I said its only fax machines and tablets around my house growing up. Reminds me of a dual purpose wireless printer I guess. Pretty darn cool stuff there technomancy bear.