Indefinite Hiatus by CosmicRose

Hey all,

I feel the need to take a step back from anything art-related. I realized that making art has been less enjoyable for me and more of an obligation to make a name for myself and gain a following online. And it made me miserable. I’ve lost myself over the years and I’ve been more about wanting to please others by making things others enjoy, on top of the fact that some people I’ve been wanting to please have not been the best of people to associate with. This needs to stop.

I dunno if I’ll ever come back to this but I need to take a moment to be myself, to be genuine and happy with myself. I’ve lost sight of that feeling pressured to continue making art for the sake of keeping followers and being hard on myself when I don’t feel like making art. I’ve nearly thrown myself into severe depressive episodes because of this mindset. This is not healthy for me and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realize that.

I have to let this go, so I guess this a farewell of sorts. If anyone would like to continue to stay in touch with me, I have Telegram (CosmicRose), Discord (CosmicRose, #1856), Steam (cosmicrosie), and my personal Tumblr (cosmicrosie).

Take care everyone.

Indefinite Hiatus


31 December 2017 at 00:20:08 MST

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