Furry Art Overload and Introducing Braxton by SilverSheep

I've finished off 2017 with a December art binge. I've picked up two new pieces from Muttasaur the first one being the #ReindeerGames piece of Silver as a reindeer and the second one a last-minute headshot of Silver Sheep. The piece I've commisioned from Kai at Eastern Dragon Studios had arrived in December as well. I really like it. Silver Sheep and a cute werewolf who wonders why this ram is so eager to be the "victim".

I've branched out in December as well getting a hypnosis themed piece from the Canadian artist Redfeatherstorm. If you have read my short stories you would know I've often used the theme of hypnosis in them. I've wanted a piece of art for Silver Sheep hypnotised for awhile but never had the courage to commission one. I bit the bullet and I'm so happy that I did.

What first got me interested in hypnosis were the hypnosis files by Simplyswift. It was my first experience with trance and being hypnotised. I found it amazing to go into trance just by listening to an audio recording. It was really cool when I was put back into a trance with a hypnotic trigger that was implanted earlier in the file. It was a special experience going into a trance that I really enjoyed. I reckon I will get some more hypnotic art for Silver Sheep in 2018.

My first plans for 2018 are to express my fox side in a new character. Braxton the blue fox is on the way set to be unveiled in January if all goes to plan. Braxton is going to be a fox character to express a more flirty, confident side of myself. Silver Sheep is my fursona a furry version of myself whereas Braxton is a character something I'm not but an archetype that I can play. I'm thinking for Braxton he will be the fox archetype that of an extroverted charming and flirty/sensual character. Something that I'm not but could be fun to explore.

Furry Art Overload and Introducing Braxton


27 December 2017 at 08:14:50 MST

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