A reassuring thing...that I thank you all for by GuzzleMuzzle

It's still a wonder to me that my poetic writings and writings of other natures receive so many pageviews. Someone knows of me. People know of me, and quite possibly inform each other of my submissions.

I don't know if these surges in pageviews on my submissions can be rightly attributed to some manner of robotic algorithm that pertains to nothing to do with actual people, but I don't believe it to be true.

I don't mean to be facetious, but I honestly don't feel I deserve this attention. It shows that there are a select many souls out there who still appreciate reading. Favorited posts was never the prime case with my writings, and as per a reaction from a good friend I made who was a part of a "Wolf pack" on Fur Affinity (bless those kids. <3), I think my writing confuses a lot of people, but somehow is still found to be pleasant to read.

I'm a simple person. I'm fluent in proper wording of sentences, but I don't want that to distance people from me on that it seems like I am never down-to-earth, which isn't the case. I am a very down-to-earth and silly person; perhaps even an outright idiot, and I would have it no other way, <3 though aspirations do manage to drive me to longing for greater standing, however more or less worthwhile such a desire is popularly thought to be.


I thank you all. I don't lie when I say it warms my heart to know that people broadly view my "written word" poetic submissions.

I've worried about if my often crass journal posts drive people away from me, as I've lost two followers recently. A different wolf fur friend has assured me that that is merely people cleaning their contacts, but I still feel I myself was to blame.

Thank you for your continued interest. I haven't been around Weasyl as much as in the past, but know this: I do not lie when I say "It means the world to me."

You make my solemn, subjugated world better. Thank you.

A reassuring thing...that I thank you all for


23 December 2017 at 08:18:02 MST

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