I'm sorry.... by Vangabond

Sorry if i kept you guys in the dark from the last update , from when i posted that to now i have not really done anything.

No more beating around the bush , after some hard thinking i’m somewhat wondering if people only like me for my oc’s artwork, and kinda don’t think about my well being. Because i got to confess something major = I have very very low self esteem and confidence , which always gets under fire by someone.

Yes I have feelings too (even though i can’t feel them most of the time) , opinions and thoughts and for which if i said any of them i get labeled as an attention whore.

The thing i said above is 1000% true , i can’t make this stuff up at all even if i went into a negative mindset.

Like to what degree when i talk about myself and what I’m going though i get tagged as a bad person?


I always feel like someone , will just know me for the wrong reason - or already hates me even though i never spoke to them or met them. Like I’m this half depressed introverted kid who has crazy low self esteem and self confidence, who just gets used or rubbed the wrong way constantly.

Like i get it …. By now…. I’ll just shut up…. Apparently whatever i say is out of the question….

I’ll stop fighting the complaining the excuses and me putting others before myself , and just do as i am told , and be quiet about it.


I'm sorry....


19 December 2017 at 20:19:27 MST

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    I know it's the first time we've meet so nice to meet'cha. sharing your art and sharing your feelings is not a bad thing at all. hate you? no one can truly hate you because no one can truly understand you. you are no more and no less than the sum of yourself self awareness. You've never learned how to deal with fearing what others feel about you and so you avoid sharing what you think and how you feel. be yourself and take care of yourself ok?