Jewel Pups (WIP Project) by Seraphima

Ok so I had these little anthro canine characters that are colorful and based off of gemstones but never knew what to do with them until now, and I created most of them over a year ago. But the Jewel Pups are canine gems hailing from a strange planet called Gemscape, named by the gems themselves. The organic matter there (except the edible fruits and water) are made of some kind of gem. The ground they walk on is made of emerald, but its so hard no one has tried digging to see what lies beneath. They eat jewelfruits off the gem trees and drink from Crystal Clear Fountain, the purest water available. Each canine gem ( the dominant race there) has a stone planted in their chest at birth representative of the type of gem they are. Their fur color and pattern also reflects that, and though two canine gems can be based off the same stone, each has a unique color pattern.

The story of Jewel Pups is that a group of canine gems get curious as to what Earth is like, as there are gems buried throughout its crust but the landscape itself is not made of precious stone.Leader of the pack Tourmaline, a dog gem, is powerful enough to build a portal to Earth but it would require they all temporarily drain their power. The portal is built, and these days Tourmaline and her friends are getting accustomed to Earth life, learning about houses, buildings, human objects and the humans themselves as well as Earthly canines.

Jewel Pups (WIP Project)


12 December 2017 at 17:51:02 MST

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    Sounds like a great idea! 👍👌

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      Thanks! I'm so glad someone likes it! 😁😊