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Still here... just a little down, but I'm okay. by TheOtherEliArts2001

I swear its like most of my journals just have a bit of angst in them. Maybe this is just me being a typical Sixteen year old kid. That's probably the more logical answer to that. Hey, I know I haven't put anything online in a while. I still have artists block, but I think I have an idea as to what I want to draw. It may just be a sketch, but it'll at least be something. Also I just wanted to say something and maybe reach out a little. I kind of wish I had somebody to talk to. I'm kind of an introvert, you know. Well, alot of artists like myself are, but still.

Anyways, I'm not dead. I'm still here. I am actually typing this in my room at past 1:30 AM right now. I am in my bed with my laptop in my lap. My light is turned off and the only illumination I have in this room is my lamp, and the screen my laptop. But other than that, my room is pretty dim. I can't sleep when it is pitch black. Anyways, once I'm done typing this, I'll probably be hitting the hay. But I'm glad I could at least say something, knowing someone might read it. Its sort of comforting to me...

Still here... just a little down, but I'm okay.


12 December 2017 at 02:43:22 MST

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