Back from MFF! by Zaezar

Howdy! I have returned from Midwest FurFest 2017! I heard that it is now the largest ever furry convention. I am so happy that I was able to attend it :D

I won't be doing a whole breakdown of what I did, as really I don't think I could do it justice/mention everyone/remember everything anyways. I will have plenty of stories for my streams though! I think the most important thing I should mention, however. I tried for two days to have an Artist Alley table and I got one both days. However, after hours of hardly anything going on for me I decided to pack up shop and just explore the convention. I didn't get a single sale at all and only handed out like 5 cards to people. Honestly, I expect such things to happen from time to time. I am not going to be too beat up over it. HOWEVER it did let me wonder the Artists Alley and Dealers Den and see what they were doing differently from me. So it was a great learning experience. Next year I will be in that Alley full force don't you doubt me!

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything in a bit. Truth be told, I am sitting on about 8 pieces I can upload. But leading up to MFF and during, I was basically firing on all cylinders without realizing it. I am even now totally drained from this last month or so. I was going to upload some stuff today but ended up working on a couple other things and spaced. That happened twice today alone if that gives any indication of my exhaustion right now. Give me a few more days and I should be just fine. Friday's stream should still be going and will be a thing I've not done in a while! Details tomorrow! (Really I am going to make sure I can actually stream this before I post about it haha).

How was your weekend? Anything noteworthy happen? Let me know!

OH! I ALMOST FORGOT! Literally I am about to post this journal and remembered this thing lol. I made a collection of tweets I made about MFF called a "moment" that you can go see if you want. Included in that is my MFF2017 roundup where I show off all the artwork I got and link the makers of them. Seriously, go give it a look! Some things will even show up in the background of my streams here on out too :D

Back from MFF!


6 December 2017 at 20:56:30 MST

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    Now I definitely need to go someday if it's the largest..............since I've been to the other two "largest" furry 'cons (FurCon and Anthrocon) in the U.S.! Come on state of Illinois--get that darn train running! XD

    I'm glad you had fun! :D

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      Its insane thinking it's now the official largest furry convention. It still feels so small to me haha. People were talking about it breaking 10000 this year too, but it was pretty far off that mark. Next year maybe! And hey, if you end up making it to MFF I can say hi and draw with you for a while :D

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        Well............after the hype what--two years ago because of that explosion?--I wonder if more people than ever before knows of its existence, so it's growing? Even negative hype can be hype. wry laugh

        I do want to I can meet up with Mao again one day and meet you (finally) and probably some other people I know, but never knew went there. And maybe Deriaz (an artist on this site) will be there again one day that I go, as well. He's super nice if you've never gone over to check out his work. :)

        They say the train will be running in 2018............but when in 2018 is the key thing here! XD

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          It wasn't an explosion thankfully. Just a Chlorine Gas leak. Which is arguably much much worse. I think what was better is how the con handled the situation and made it clear it was a safe place, even among events like that. Not a single injury and most of the ambulances called were for panic attacks!

          Hopefully its before the end. I have confidence that it will get done before MFF! If not, it will totally be there next year and I can hang out with ya :D

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            Yeah, everyone I knew said the convention staff handled it well...............if you look at the news reports (at least what trickled down to this area), they had a more negative view--focused more on the accident and it was at a gasp furry convention. I guess mass media still doesn't know how to handle "furry". :/

            I'm hoping so, too...........they've got the station done and the attached hotel. But what I keep hearing is they need to "upgrade the tracks"--since the tracks have pretty much been only used for slow-moving haulers the past century or so. XD I would think they would only need to upgrade the tracks from Moline to Galesburg, though--since Galesburg is the place with closest current rail station to Chicago......we shall see!