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Weekly Journal 2 - Ramblings by JeremiahSmackTheWall

Another week goes by and nothing amazing happened except I changed the character that I use to represent me from Fritz Frazzle the Bear to Squiggz Dawnton the Hyena. This came about due to the simple fact is Fritz was one of those old characters that you create just to create one and I never gave him much thought and after nearly two years of having him I really wasn't happy with him, hence why all the appearance changes he got recently, but I still didn't feel like he was right anymore so I made him the generic mascot of my Plushles, his dopey and silly nature fits right into that little series. Speaking of plushles they're getting their own story soon too, it's hopefully going to be my first animated series, the simple designs I give plushles should make them a super easy idea to animate. I don't know if I mentioned it last week and I can't be bothered to check but I do sell custom plushles for a dollar a piece you can request them via a message on here or any of my sites listed on my profile, (choice of having them cell shaded for no extra cost is also available.) I don't really expect to sell any but as will some of my other work I have been asked to do a few small commissions and other than full blown NSFW stuff (fetishes/partialnudity/sexualconten) i'm open to drawing about anything, I may find something new to add to the list though so i'm sorry in advance If you actually message me and I decline. I want to keep my artwork somewhat clean.
Anyway enough of my ramblings I'll work on writing these out better in the weeks to come till then... PEACE!!!

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Weekly Journal 2 - Ramblings


20 November 2017 at 08:46:26 MST

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