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Updated as of 1/20/2017
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This isn't as scary as it looks! I promise!


The TERMS OF SERVICE will be enforced 100%. So if you wish to commission me PLEASE READ THIS. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
The Terms of Service are subject to revision and change without notice.
By commissioning me or purchasing one of my works, you (the commissioner, client, adopter) agree to the following terms and conditions.
If you do not agree to all the information provided here, you will be denied service.


  1. I, the artist(s), retain ALL rights to the image created. The customer can use the piece for personal use but may not be used for commercial purposes.

Please do not edit the work unless given prior permission.

No resale of art unless given prior permission.

Never remove my signature(s) from any piece.

  1. You, the commissioner(or recipient if gifted), are REQUIRED to give credit to me if you upload the art piece yourself, and to link back to my FA or Weasyl page. If you refuse or fail to give credit, any and all of my artwork in your gallery will be reported as stolen and subsequently removed.

Unless otherwise stated, all art will be released into my FA, Weasyl, and other galleries. If you have an issue with this, please let us know ahead of time. I can gladly delay a piece for things such as birthdays or anniversaries.


  1. All prices are subjective and are usually not negotiable.I accept Paypal. Do not send "e-checks" unless previously agreed upon. All payments must be made in USD, customer is responsible for all conversion fees.
  2. You will be quoted a price and I will email you with an invoice through Paypal. Info on how PayPal Invoices work.I will calculate the price for your convenience. Paypal fees will not be added on to the price of the commission, those are mine to handle.

If you wish to tip me please use the donation link below.
Tip me through Paypal!

Prices are listed on my Weasyl page, there is an additional charge for complex characters. Things such as large wings, extra limbs, etc can mean an added fee. It will be discussed with you, the commissioner before any payment is due.

If payment is not received in 48 hours, your commission will be considered cancelled unless otherwise stated.


  1. You must either have an actual reference sheet, or multiple images of characters/concepts you wish to commission. Complex characters or concepts will cost extra. Text descriptions will be accepted but only if accompanied by at least 1 visual reference.

  2. Payment is required in full up front.
    I am willing to do payments for piece over $40, any payment plans will be discussed with the customer.
    You are always welcome to request updates or ask to see my progress. I will keep my Trello page updated with WIPs that you can check out.
    I like to keep a policy of 100% honesty with my customers.
    Any persons who fail to abide by these terms will be put on a blacklist.

Depending on the level of editing requested, fees may occur.
Edits should not drastically change or "re-do" your initial request, this WILL add fees or risk cancellation of your commission.
Should an error on my part occur you will not get a fee for the edit (example: forgetting tattoos, jewelry, or glasses.)

There will be a $2.50 charge for shipping within the U.S., internationally will be discussed with the commissioner.

I hold the right to cancel or decline commissions for any reason. If you have paid before your work has finished you will be given a refund.


Will Draw:
Suggestive things such as pinups, these will be 13+ and nothing higher. I do not draw porn.
Anything G-rated or 13+
13+ Inflation/Balloons

Will Not Draw List:
Hardcore Fetishes such as scat, rape, and hyper

Never be afraid to ask if you have questions!

There are no discounts given for special occasions. Should anything occur that would disrupt the process of work, you shall be notified.

All artwork done is copyright © to me, the artist.
Artwork is not to be altered or reposted unless we have given direct permission for these actions to occur. Don’t be afraid to ask.
Any and all edited or reposted pieces must be sourced back to us regardless.

Terms of Service + Info


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