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Aaaaah! I think I won't gonna make a lot of artist friends with this.
But whatever, I need to say what I have in the heart... to share it, even if I may be wrong.
Just keep in mind that it's just a personnal point of view, and that I respect the fact that you may think differently of me.

Copyright... is not a PROTECTION for the artists... not any more.
Copyright is just a right to allow the artists to complain at the first - silly - reason.

What makes me think that?

Well, there is one question to ask first: what is the point of making art? What is the point of posting art on Internet?

For me, the answer is simple and can be resumed in one word: SHARING.

  • We, artists, post art to "share" our work, our passion. Sometimes, some arts or specialities need to rely on other artworks. We can need references, sometimes. We can need a music for animations, if we are an animator... or an animation, if we are a music maker and want to accentuate the theme of our song with the help of an AMV montage. Whatever we are, a simple drawer, a musician, a singer, an animator, a Youtuber... we ALL need to WORK a lot on our creations.

  • We, artists, also "share" our imagination. And, wether we like it or not, we can corrupt or act on the imagination of our watchers.

We, of course, need to be protected, as artists. We have to be protected against TRUE plagiarism (or TRUE art theft, if you prefere and don't know the real definition of plagiarism).
By "true", I mean the kind of plagiarism, when someone else save your work, publish it elsewhere and say "Hey! See that pic! It's mine! All made from me!".

BUT, in my point of view, we also have to respect the 2 points I mentioned above.

And copyright protects you against plagiarism and art theft, indeed... and happily... BUT it also gives to the artists the right to not respect the points I mentioned above.

We can talk about a very big japanese video game studio, for example, which propose since several dozens of years the same game series because they have popularity and can do it. They make you dream, with fantastic lands and creatures, give inspiration to a lot of artists. But, when some fans want to thank them and to honor them, with, for examples, some small fan games, that can't even have the potential to surpass the original games, then, the big japanese video game studio simply say: "Listen kid, we make you dream, alright, but we don't care. You're using what we made, we didn't allow it, so go f**k yourself!". I'm sorry for the fans of the studio who understood which studio I'm talking about, but that's what they say when they don't allow this kind of thing.

We can also talk about YouTube, maybe?
Back in 2010, it was great. I was a flash animator, I animated 2D stickmen animations and was watching great other flash animators like Terkoiz, Stone, dbs-1029, miccool, etc... Most of the time, when we were making an animation, of course, we needed a music to come with it, and with the theme. Sometimes, when we change the scene, we needed to change the music, so we could need 5 musics for just one animation (or more). Back in 2010, we COULD do this! And the fair use was working... most of the time. Now, how is YouTube? How animators can share their passion? We come on YouTube to submit our work, we don't monetize the video, because most of the time, young 2D animators didn't do it (and don't have the popularity to do it and gain enough money by the way)... but we sometimes have to pay for the musics, while we work sometimes as long if not more than the musicians who made the music(s)... all of this to gain nothing... Yeah. Great.

And can we talk about the "adopts" contest? Or the copyright about the new species artists are making (and which sometimes are not very extraordinary to be honest). WOW! I'm so glad that wyverns, dragons, elves and dwarves are not copyrighted species. Tolkien and other great authors would have been so doomed! And the "adopts" contest... I mean... What the f**k? Well, of course, it is easy money, but... Let 1 artist selling 6 dragon designs, Ok. Why not 20 artists selling 10 dragon designs? But once we'll have a million dragon artists who will sell 20 dragon designs, will it still be possible to make a dragon from our imagination and to avoid another artist coming, shouting: "HEY! Your design is far too close to the one I sold, you f**king thief!!!"?.

With ideas like the "adopts design", I'm not surprised any more when I learn on an artist beware blog that an artist came to another, complaining that their 2 own anthro tigers have the same number of stripes and that it is a character theft. Seriously... How can we be mad against this kind of artist who complain against a simple number of stripes and a tiger character when thousands of artists propose to sell character designs?
This "adopt" thing is just an aberration.

And yet, this is just a small part of what I'm thinking about copyright and arts on Internet in general. But I don't want to give you too much text to read. It's already awesome if you have read everything and have reached these last lines.

As a conclusion, as an artist, I have just one thing to say to the other artists who read this. Don't be selfish. Use the copyright when your arts are really stolen, let your watchers take some inspirations from your character(s), from your world(s). Ideally, if the art in question is not accessible for your Patreon's patrons or to people who sold it only, put a CC-BY licence instead of a Copyright. Show to your watchers you're not an intolerant uptight artist.

Art is a way to express yourself, to share your ideas, your opinion and your imagination. It can't be simply resumed as a possession which belongs to you... and sometimes to the person who paid for it.

If you have another point of view, want to discuss about something I say or simply have a question to ask me, then, do not hesitate to do it by comment.
And if you agree with me and want to share this journal, do not hesitate, as long as you credit me for it. This journal has to be shared as much as possible. I'm really disgusted to see how art is viewed by some artists nowadays, and I have difficulties to stand it day after day.

This journal is CC-BY licenced, and so will be most of my personnal artworks! ^^



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