Halloween Wedding - Getting Married! by farorenightclaw

So for those who haven't heard yet, CassioBunny and I are engaged. Well, we're finally taking the plunge and getting married tomorrow, on Halloween! We have some friends visiting from near and far, in a small circle of close-knit family (both of origin and chosen) and we're doing a little ceremony at the house before going out as a group to eat, then coming back again for cake. CassioBunny's dress is just gorgeous, white, corset bodice, rhinestones, fluffy skirt and huge long train, and she'll be wearing beautiful black-and-purple dreadlocks with gold trinkets in them. I don't know if she'll choose to share any photos of her wedding getup or not but if she does it'll probably be on Twitter. Ikani is officiating and P01D and hailbop are maid of honor and best goop, respectively. It's only the third time Poid and Cassio have met in person despite having been together for 15 years (Poid is a Brit) so it's very exciting to have her with us. The wedding is slightly Halloween themed with jack o' lanterns and candles and such. We have matching rings with amethysts in. I'm going to be wearing grey slacks and waistcoat with a shiny purple shirt and white tie, and will definitely be sharing pics of myself, at least, on Twitter/Instagram. Chastity and I have been dating for about four and a half years now, were Dom and sub for a year before that, and have lived together for almost four years. It feels good to finally be cementing that, even if it is just a silly societal convention. Plus, y'know, taxes and visiting rights and all that. For me it's also a chance to start fresh, to do things right, to rewrite my story into something good and safe and fun and loving. We're seeing some old friends that we've seen many times, and some close friends that I've never met in person before. If nothing else, it's an excuse to gather our loved ones in one place to celebrate our life together. And eat a lot of meat. We're going to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner >_>;

Anyway, I'll probably be pretty scarce for a bit as we have houseguests for a while, but I'm really enjoying their company so far and I am really enjoying all these reminders of how much I love Cassio and our polycule and how happy I am to share a life with her and with them. Yay! YOU MAY CONGRATULATE US NOW (if you want)

Halloween Wedding - Getting Married!


30 October 2017 at 12:31:30 MDT

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