Another Brief Update by Threetails

Lease is renewed. Our roommate got approved at the very last instant so we've got a softer landing than we expected.

Still going to be a bit hard up for food but I'm already making plans to remedy/mitigate that problem. This will mean fewer snacks but that can only be a good thing. My diet will become healthier after a few months of scraping. Adding more grains to my diet (including barley) as well as root vegetables. Also trying to accustom myself to spending more time in the kitchen to make the most of cheap ingredients, and to eat higher quality food in smaller portions rather than processed crap in large portions. This will not be easy but my body will thank me.

Also, no progress yet on the car. Hopefully I'll be able to get it fixed if Dad ever sells that old Bugatti replica I've been trying to get rid of.

Work on "The Linen Butterfly" slogs ahead. It's taking much longer than I thought but that's only because I'm not compromising on anything. I'm bound and determined to make this the best book I can possibly write. I had to completely rewrite a key sequence, and that's going to need a stylistic once-over to be good. But the rest of the book is moving along at a fair clip. Hopefully I'll have it done by December.

Yes, I keep pushing back the date. This book was a real sow's ear to begin with and I'm in project hell trying to make a decent book out of it.

One more piece of excellent news! It seems my surgery might be bumped ahead to next year! No word yet on the exact date. Apparently there have been some cancellations. I'm hoping to have it around late May or early June.

Another Brief Update


28 October 2017 at 20:08:31 MDT

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