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*Mission Update - Back in the Saddle! by TwilightSaint


Hey y'all! Rather large update that I'm going to do my best to keep as bite-sized as possible here!

-Back from Deployment!
-Upcoming Conventions
-Commission Openings in the Near Future
-2018 Calendar Orders

-Back from Deployment!

My biggest update of this Journal is none other than this one - I'm finally back from deployment! It was a long trek, with lots of travelling and bouncing between areas and parts of the world I otherwise wouldn't have been able to get to. It was definitely an awesome experience and unique in the role I helped to fill out there - we're really the tip of the spear and got our hands wet in the ongoing operations you may hear in the news. Being a vital gear in the operations was a very cool experience, and just learning and being a part of the careful, meticulous planning that goes into everything is a huge testament to both our US and allies who are fighting evil in the area.

On deployment, I actually ended up very happy that I didn't open for large Batches of Commissions! I took on just enough pieces, both small and mostly large, in terms of Commissions to keep me busy and break up my personal endeavors on my characters' Ref Sheets. I'm very happy with the amount of Personal Art and Ref Sheets I managed to crank out - more than I had expected! But it's not over yet - there are still plenty of Ref Sheets being put together in the hangar! ;)

I've only been back a couple of days now, and am still getting settled in in terms of unpacking, getting all my gear back and organized, paperwork, and mundane errands such as getting groceries and taking care of dry cleaning. But it is great to be back!

And even though deployment is over, it's never too early for us to begin training and qualifying for the next one coming home cycle is going to be pretty busy, and I'll be keeping y'all updated as well as I can. :>

-Upcoming Conventions

I have gotten lots of questions about what conventions I'll be attending! And luckily, I have good news! I have at least one convention 100% confirmed that I'll be attending this year. All the others are too far out for me to tell, as my flight schedule even stateside is very dynamic. Here's my tentative break down:

-ANW - 100% confirmed will be attending
-MFF - Planned - Very Likely
-Vancoufur - Planned
-FWA2018 - Planned
-AC2018 - Planned - Very likely
-Megaplex2018 - Planned

As these conventions approach, I'll post more updates regarding my attendance, Commissions and Prints for pick-up at the convention, and Badge opportunities for pick-up or mailing prior to the con itself.

And as always, you'll find my ' insert convention here Meme & Where to Find Me' Journal Updates once it is confirmed that I'll be attending that particular convention!

-Commission Openings in the Near Future

Aaaaand, the second biggest update of this Journal!

YES, I will be opening for Commissions very soon! I can tell you 100% right now that this first Batch will be for BADGES! I'll take on an assortment of Badges in every style I offer, and they will be prioritized based on the closest gator to the boat. I.e; I'll finish ANW badges first, then MFF badges, and then printed & digital-only copies afterward.

Because I am confirmed to be attending ANW, those Badges will be completed first, no questions asked, in order to facilitate at-con-pickup. Following that, MFF and other Badges will be completed. So this means you do not have to be attending ANW or MFF to commission a Badge! Your wait time will just be a bit longer.

Following the immediate sweep of Badge Commissions, I'll hold another Journal Batch to open for more varied pieces, such as Icons, Full-Body Shots, and possibly a Ref Sheet slot or two or three! Just depends on my schedule post-MFF timeframe.

I am currently, and want to open for more larger-scale pieces, which brings me to...

-2018 Calendar Orders

It's that time of year again, and never too early to start planning for these! I'll be taking 2018 Calendar orders as early as next month!

What does this mean as far as Commissions go?

In between Badge Commissions, I'm going to be working on several larger-scale pieces to include in the Calendar! Although I have many Personal pieces that would work in the Calendar, I'd like to mix it up and open the floor for other folks to have their characters included in it. :>

I'm currently working on two large pieces, (both YCHs,) that will be included. Once these are finished, other opportunities to have a piece included will also come in the form of upcoming YCH Auction Pieces. Stay tuned!

And, as always, Calendars come signed and with some extra goodies from me! :> And I can ship anywhere in CONUS and OCONUS as well. You may also place a Print order with your Calendar order to bundle shipping and save on shipment costs!

And at risk of making this Journal go on for any longer, imma stop right there! Stay tuned for upcoming Badge Commission announcements, (in the form of a formal Journal Batch opening,) and also for my ANW Meme and information.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Mission Update - Back in the Saddle!


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